Human Rights Counseling

Human Rights and Migrations

Nuestra empresa ofrece consultoría especializada en temas relacionadas con los derechos humanos, inclusión, no discriminación, migración, igualdad de género, acoso en el lugar de trabajo, tanto al sector público como privado.

Racial inequalities: At seven7 we understand that your race shouldn't define what kind of education you receive or what kind of health benefit you get, among other things. Regardless of your race, skin color, social class or others, we have the same rights.

Conferences, workshops, seminars

  • Introduction to human rights.
  • Education and human rights.
  • Teaching/learning techniques in human rights.
  • Prevent and detect domestic violence.

Development, evaluation and Improving Internal Control in Organizations to private and public entities

  • Preparation of manuals and revision of contents for study plans.
  • Creation of mechanisms to deal with human rights violations in the work/school environment.

Ejes Temáticos

  • Public policies with a human rights approach
  • Planning, Management for results and Evaluation with inclusion and equity
  • Gender equality
  • Afro descendant peoples
  • Rights for migrants and their families
  • Mental health and migration
  • Participation and Citizenship

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